Our Story

Between the Sakar and Strandzha mountains lies a land of gently rolling hills and winding rivers, where once an ancient oak forest thrived.
Over centuries the people had forgotten how they once lived with the majesty of the forest- rejoicing in its protection, its fruits, its harmonious concert of change and growth.
Slowly the forest was cut, and given to vast expanses of grain; machines came to dig and spray and cut and rumble, night and day.
Slowly the orchestra of life hushed, rivers dried, earth lay bare and cracked…. Waiting.
Slowly a whisper was heard in the darkness… echoing in the sleeping hearts of many…

Let us remember…
Let us love again…
Let us co-create a bright future in this empty land of promise.

And somehow we heard this call, somehow we found ourselves here, together, blinking in the sunlight.
Seeing the magnificent forest that now springs forth once more.
As the whisper grew in volume and in clarity, the song became clearer and we began to remember…

How to touch the earth with loving hands; how to face ourselves and each other with patience, compassion, bravery and dedication.
Knowing that we are but the humble gardeners, planting the seeds of a paradise garden on earth; to hold and nurture the generations to come. Planting strong trees to remember and welcome back those who have already passed.

Evermore families came together and each embroidered their piece of the living tapestry with vibrant beauty.
With trees, herbs and flowers; with small lakes and delicate fountains; with winding paths and strong roads.
With shady resting places amongst the fruiting bushes and gentle song of birds and laughing children.

With natural houses, nestled in fragrant green bowers; curving walls and spiralling roofs; sunlight glowing through coloured glass openings and domes of thatched grass framed in flowers and the humming of bees.Places to meet and converse in peace, to sing, to dance, to learn, to create, to reflect.

To heal and share and grow; to welcome new souls- young and old.
A place for love to live with us, a place for the orchestra of life to play once more…
A place that welcomes you-
with an open heart.

A place for love to live with us, a place for the orchestra of life to play once more... A place that welcomes you- with an open heart.

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