What is a Kin's Domain? Principles, Ideas and Essence

The main idea and essence of the Kin’s Domain (Family Homestead) is the creation of a living space of Love. This is a love manifested towards ourselves, the Earth, the family, the children, the Whole in all its aspects and forms.

 Principles of the Kin’s Domain:

  1.     10 dekars (1 Hectare or 2.5 Acres) of land which provides predominantly or entirely the food for the family who live there permanently, and their animals.
  2.     Half of the area is planted with trees and shrubs (0.5 Hectares, forest and fruit trees)
  3.     10 percent of the area is allocated to a lake and other water facilities (0.1 Hectares)
  4.     Carefully designed and planted ecosystem with high biodiversity (over 300 species of plants) including house, lake, orchard, vegetable gardens, forest garden, forested areas and clearings. There can also be earthworks designed to catch water and irrigate the plants. It can include all kinds of plants for eating, medicine, fuel, construction, furniture, beauty and colour – to meet all our needs when the system is established.
  5.     Habitat for wildlife and birds are created in this ecosystem, and Domestic Pets are included wisely so as to support the ecosystem without having to buy in food from outside to feed them.
  6.     The Kin’s Domain, when properly managed,  gives more and more each year as it becomes established.  The family may sell the surplus products and so they are not burdened with the question of how to make money. There are many variants of how the family can have a livelihood from a Kin’s Domain, these are some examples:

These are livelihoods where we can be useful and create abundance for ourselves, the earth and others around us.

  •       Herbal and Health Products
  •       Dried fruits & vegetables
  •       Truffles and mushrooms
  •       Honey & Bee Products
  •       Tourism:

– Health

– Families with children

– Children camps

– Retreats

– Camps for adolescents and men

– Camps for survival skills

– Wild Camping

  •       Seminars and workshops on topics such as:

– Permaculture

– Herbs

– Naturally raising children

– Survival

– Kin’s Domains

  •       Botanical garden, plant nursery
  •       Books, articles, blogs
  •       Hypotherapy (healing using Horseback riding) and Equestrian Tourism
  •       Healing Center, Hostel
  •       Shop (physical and online) for products made by families in the community (eco-village)
  •       Restaurant with healthy ingredients grown in the community
  1.     Pure water at the exit of the Kin’s Domain. An important principle is for our water to be clean after it has passed through the Kin’s Domain. For this purpose we use biodegradable substances for washing, bathing, cleaning teeth and dishes or even unprocessed herbs and plants. We protect and fertilize plants only with bio-preparations, herbs and compost. Gray water passes through biotopes and other facilities that clean it thoroughly, the toilets are composting to protect groundwater.
  1.     Machines are best used at the beginning of the process of creating the Kins domain, with consideration of how to gradually replace them in the future with living creations for the same purposes. For example, the lawn can be hand-cut or with a machine, but it can also be maintained with a grazing horse, ducks, hens, sheep, and so on.
  1.     A very important value is the birth and education of children capable of happiness. Creating a life for children in a loving, harmonious, natural and clean environment. Giving them a sense of security, abundance, creative environment, art activities, traveling, learning through experience, learning from everything and everyone about good practices, learning how to search for useful information from trustworthy sources, providing enough places for sports and play.
  1.   Returning to our roots, the family as a cosmic unit, a Vedic set of traditions and a way of life guaranteeing the happiness of the family’s health and well-being. 
  1.   Putting the love and harmony of the family as a top priority, motivator and constructive managing principle of life.
  1.   We live experiment and learn in a conscious community of Kin’s Domains.


OBJECTIVES of the Kin’s Domains

  1. Why plant half the area of the Kin’s Domain with trees?

Here are some reasons:

  •       They create the air we breathe
  •       They draw up water with their roots to feed springs where we can drink
  •       They create shelter and shadow
  •       They make biomass and build up soil from their leaves and stop erosion with their roots
  •       They give us wood for fireplaces, furniture and construction
  •       They give us fruits, nuts and edible leaves
  •       They are beautiful, colourful and may have beautiful scents and blossoms.
  1. Regeneration of deforested and eroded terrains caused by unreasonable management and their transformation into fruitful Forest-gardens using the methods of permaculture and other Earth-friendly knowledge and methods.
  2. Reducing the ecological and carbon footprint of families living in Kin’s Domain Villages
  3. Creation of habitats for wild animals, endangered species, birds and aquatic inhabitants. (These are also some of the aims of the hedges, forests, forest and water areas mentioned earlier)
  4. The gift of Fruits and Vegetables:

The traveller rests awhile

From our fruits and vegetables planted along the fence they freely eat,

In shade sitting,

Hunger and thirst quenched,

Their mind and mood are lifted

And for others after you, let abundance remain!

  1. Gathering and restoring good practices for Earth-friendly agriculture, health and family love, forming a conscious community of families sharing similar values, raising loving and responsible happy healthy children.
  2. Collection and planting of old (non-hybrid) varieties of vegetables and fruit trees
  3. A completely new approach to domestic animals (or long forgotten old knowledge erased from history), serving with pleasure the man turning to them only with love and respect for help on the farm (natural horsemanship, natural beekeeping, etc.)
  4. Clean the adjacent surrounding area of rubbish as well as the local springs, rivers, valleys.
  5. Construction of energy-efficient (passive) homes.
  6. Reducing consumer practices and transforming them into the production of local food products and craft products, a conscious reduction of household goods to the minimum of comfort. Local food
  7. Restoration of old arts and crafts working with natural materials.
  8. Collective work on the creation of natural and artificial means for cleaning and reducing waste, pollution and harmful emissions in the area in partnership with other people and organizations – and across the Earth.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

CONCLUSION: The kin's domain is a design for family life that can help permanently solve almost all the environmental and social problems of modern civilization, in a peaceful way.

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