We are the joyful, healthy and mindful inhabitants of Blagodatie community.

We are part of the growing global community of people ready to bring positive change to the world.

We are inspired by the beautiful idea of creating for ourselves and our children, living spaces of Love where they may grow up happy and engaged in co-creating a positive future. We understand that modern life has led to a division between people as well as between us and nature, from which many physical and spiritual issues arise.
We have the desire, wisdom, inspiration and will to turn the problems into solutions; we seek to create an example, and deal with the emerging challenges with Love.

We are inspired by the ideas set forth in Vladimir Megre’s books “The Ringing Cedars of Russia,” for designing harmonious places to live and good practices for a happy family and community life.
We are creating the conditions to connect with the wisdom of the living universe, nature and a life of joy and creativity. In doing so we may fulfill one of our purposes as people and develop physically and spiritually in harmony with the interests of Mother Earth.

Our efforts and actions are aimed at creating an intentional community of many families sharing similar values in life and creating their own Kins Domains/ Family Homesteads; ideally about 150 families, as was once typical in the average Bulgarian village. This number provides stability and enough people who know each other and can make decisions together based on clear and fair principles and ethics.
It also allows for the communal development of infrastructure – roads, water, centres of learning creation and culture, sports grounds, a shop which sells products and crafts made by the resident families, green business (private and communal), development of crafts, arts, festivals, trainings, celebrations and mutual assistance in the construction of houses and roads.

One of our main objectives is the regeneration of the land here, and reforestation of at least 50% of its area. We are sited on land degraded, deforested, polluted and eroded by the methods of modern agriculture. We use the system of Forest Gardening to create a productive ecosystem which meets many of our needs in a diverse and stable way. Thus our community works towards the greater need for restoration of natural habitat for all life forms.

To achieve this, we use Permaculture Design, which encompasses many methods for creating abundant and symbiotic systems and communities; using the patterns and intelligence of nature. Permaculture upholds the following ethics, which align with our vision:
People Care
Earth Care
Fair share (sharing the abundance)

We also align ourselves with the Tiny House Concept- Small, effective passive homes; and Voluntary Simplicity/ Minimalism- we choose to consume less, be creative about meeting our needs and not collect excess possessions. In this way we can focus on what is important to us and enjoy the simple life in nature.

We plant this vision like a seed in the Earth, and in the hearts of those it inspires to join us. It is your seed, my seed, a seed of our future. May we grow strong and true.

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