Sergey, Alya and Alisa

Hello! We are a family from Russia: Sergey, Alya and Alice. A few years ago I was inspired by the idea of creating a kin’s domain and started looking for such a settlement consisting of kin’s domains. At first I looked in Russia, and then it turned out that I came as a volunteer to Blagodatie and realized that I found a place where I would like to live. 

Then my family and I moved to Bulgaria. We chose a land in the settlement and started to implement our ideas there in 2020. 

First we renovated the house a bit and installed electricity from solar panels. The neighbours helped us with the water. 

Now we are mainly planting various trees. This year we planted a windbreak to help the other trees grow. We also have many wild apple and pear trees on the property, which I am grafting on, and we will have a great yield of fruit in a few years. 

We dream of growing a forest garden on our property and also making a small nursery of rare tree species. 

It’s great to see an empty field transformed into a beautiful, blooming place. It may not be a quick process, but the result is worth it!

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